MH Expert Advisor Martingale & Hedging 1 % – Trading Systems – 26 March 2022

Minimum balance required:

  • If deposit $100 use cent account
  • If deposit $500 use cent account
  • If deposit $900 use cent account 
  • If deposit  $1000 use micro account

MH Expert Advisor works for this pairs:

  • Currency pairs: EUR/USD
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Leverage: 1:500

Parameter settings for EUR/USD M5

  • JAM_ON   = 1
  • JAM_OFF  = 23
  • HEDGING = true
  • prosentase_floating_minus = 1
  • PERIOD_RSI = 14
  • LEVEL_OS = 30
  • LEVEL_OB = 70
  • SHIFT_RSI = 1
  • digit_belakang_lot = 2
  • lots = 0.01
  • USE_COMPOUND = true
  • KETAHANAN = 133333
  • tp_in_money = 999999
  • TP = 50
  • SL = 0
  • USE_MARTY = true
  • range = 35
  • multiplier = 1.5
  • MAX_OP_BUY = 5
  • MAX_OP_SELL = 5
  • MagicNumber = 12345
  • Slippage = 3

Buy or rent The MH Expert Advisor

Demo account using MH Expert Advisor

Recommendation broker

Support all broker select ECN account. If you change the parameter settings. Please try a demo account first until 3 months.


If initial deposit of $1000. And the price drops, the loss balance reaches 50%. Funds must be added to the account according to the initial deposit of $1000 to avoid margin calls and account burnings.


Forex trading has a risk of losing all your money. Martingale and hedging systems that we have used now are kind of risky in the forex trading considering they involve a lot of lots. We do not encourage newbies and beginners to take these systems and strategies because you would lose your money and forex account as well. There is no warranty if the automatic system would generate profits in the future.

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Risk Management with Chart Patterns – Trading Systems – 25 March 2022

Risk management is the most important success factor for your trading. For any trading strategy, you can not grow your capital without risk management. When you trade with Chart Patterns like Harmonic Pattern and Elliott Wave pattern and X3 Price Pattern, this is not an exception.

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner is using the risk management concept with Pattern Completion Interval for your trading. Please make sure that you understand the role of Pattern Completion Interval and how it can help for your trading.

In X3 Chart Pattern Scanner, your stop loss and take profit is controlled for individual patterns. It is controlled per pattern. This is the main difference from Harmonic Pattern Plus and Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner. Since X3 Chart Pattern Scanner has different categories of patterns like Elliott Wave patterns, Harmonic patterns and X3 Price Patterns, you can apply different money management scheme if you wish.

To change your stop loss and take profit, scroll down in your input. Stop Loss = 1 means that it is size of 1 x Pattern Completion Interval Box. Take Profit = 2.5 means that it is size of 2.5 x Pattern Completion Interval.

X3 Chart Pattern Scanner provides all the historical patterns, helping you to tune your strategy. Hence, please test your strategy and change your stop loss and take profit according to your historical observation from your chart. We have already shown you how to test your strategy with X3 Chart Pattern Scanner in another article here.

Here is link the X3 Chart Pattern Scanner

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XAU/USD: in the bull market zone – Analytics & Forecasts – 25 March 2022

At the time of writing this article, the XAU/USD pair is trading near the 1957.00 mark, remaining in the bull market zone. A strong upward momentum prevails. In the current situation, long positions look preferable. A signal to enter them may be a breakdown of the local resistance level of 1965.00. However, the decline to short-term support levels of 1949.00, 1942.00 provides additional opportunities to increase long positions. Above the key support level of 1838.00, XAU/USD remains in the long-term bull market zone.

One of the main reasons for the rise in prices is the geopolitical tension in the world and the situation in Ukraine, where Russia is conducting a military special operation, and on the other hand, it is the accelerating inflation in the world.

Despite the Fed’s plans to further tighten monetary policy, there are no strong grounds for lowering the price of gold. On the contrary, many economists expect its growth to resume, especially if it becomes obvious that the Fed is unable to cope with rising inflation. Investors seem to perceive investing in the precious metal as a hedging tool and store of value, rather than as a speculative position.

Support levels: 1949.00 1942.00 1918.00 1910.00 1901.00 1877.00 1850.00 1838.00 1832.00 1800.00 1785.00 1752.00

Resistance levels: 1965.00, 1975.00, 2000.00, 2010.00, 2070.00, 2075.00

See also – > Trading recommendations

*) the most up-to-date “hot” analytics and trading recommendations (including entries into trades “by-the-market”) – -> Telegram

**)   Get no deposit StartUp bonus up to 1500.00 USD

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ETHUSD and LTCUSD Technical Analysis – 24th MAR, 2022 – Analytics & Forecasts – 24 March 2022

ETHUSD: Double Bottom Pattern Above $2,800

Ethereum continues its upwards momentum from last week and has managed to cross the $3,000 levels in today’s European trading session.

The continued appreciation in the price of ETHUSD is a result of an increased demand for holding ETH amid its transition to ETH 2.0.

In today’s early Asian trading session, Ethereum touched an intraday high of $3,078 and an intraday low of $2,972.

We can clearly see a double bottom pattern above the $2,800 handle, which is bullish, and signifies the end of a bearish phase and the start of a bullish phase in the markets.

ETH is now trading just below its pivot level of $3,055 and moving within a bullish channel. The price of ETHUSD is testing its classic resistance level of $3,067 and Fibonacci resistance level of $3,079 after which the path towards $3,200 will get cleared.

The relative strength index is at 57 indicating a STRONG demand for Ethereum and the continuation of buying pressure in the markets.

All of the technical indicators are giving a STRONG BUY market signal….More  info:  blog  FXOpen

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Tutorial Using Excessive Momentum and Fibonacci Ratio Analysis – Trading Systems – 24 March 2022

With Excessive Momentum Indicator, you can access to the automatic Fibonacci Ratio Analysis. Combining these two powerful trading system are the excellent ways to trade in Forex market. In this article, we will show you how to combine both with step by step guide.

When there is an unexpectedly long bearish and bullish price movement, the indicator will detect these excessive momentum area for your trading. This excessive momentum zone are often the true accumulation and distribution area in the Volume Spread Analysis. What does this mean for your trading ?This means that entry around this excessive momentum area can provide you the great advantage that favors your Reward and Risk for your trading whether they are breakout trading or reversal trading. The indicator provides such a great opportunity automatically.

In addition, Fibonacci retracement level can provide further idea about when the price can move according to our expectation. To call the Fibonacci retracement level automatically, simply click on the circle at the Excessive Momentum Zone. Then it will place the Fibonacci retracement level automatically in your chart. The thing is that the placed Fibonacci Retracement level might be too short in its width. Sometime, you want to project the Fibonacci Retracement level far right to see the price action around the retracement level. It is doable too.

To do so, double click on the Fibonacci retracement object in your chart. Then you will see the three anchor points in the retracement object. Drag the right anchor point to the right. You can drag them as far as you want to cover the chart area at your interest. Please check the screenshot attached to complete this tutorial.

This Excessive Momentum Zone can be considered as either Accumulation or Distribution area in the Volume Spread Analysis. You can further find the symptoms of accumulation and distribution area using our Volume Spread Pattern Indicator (Paid and Advanced version) or Volume Spread Pattern Detector (Free and Light version). You can watch the YouTube videos to find more about the Excessive Momentum Indicator.

YouTube Video Momentum Indicator:


Here is link to Excessive Momentum Indicator.

With Excessive Momentum indicator, you can use our Free Volume Spread Pattern Detector. Volume Spread Pattern Detector is a great free tool to complete your Volume Spread Analysis to detect Accumulation and Distribution. Or even you can use them to detect important support and resistance for your trading too. Here is the link to the free Volume Spread Pattern Detector.

In addition, Volume Spread Pattern Indicator is the more advanced version of Volume Spread Pattern Detector. If you want to improve your trading performance even more, then we recommend using Volume Spread Pattern Indicator. This is not free indicator but it is affordable. Here is the link to the Advanced Volume Spread Analysis indicator.

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Chill and Dream – Analytics & Forecasts – 24 March 2022

Hello Everybody!

Most trading systems in the foreign exchange market use too much risk to achieve profit.

Such systems usually include a Grid or Martingale strategy. The market is full of such systems.

The foreign exchange market basically consists mostly of automated systems and robots.

This is so, for the reason that the robot has no psychology and he never gets tired at work. Robots are very fast and accurate and you can always check your strategy on historical quotes.

Fortunately, we have such for MT5 and we use them to the fullest.

The Grid or Martingale strategy always assumes an inaccurate hit in the trend, these systems can always break your deposit and this will be fatal.

Gradually, they are highly likely to make a profit, since there is always noise in the market and the market often returns to its positions.

But as soon as there is a strong news or a major change in the economic sense, the market will react to it.

For example, let’s take the latest events for Oil or Gold, the markets reacted to the increase in dollar inflation, just as the dollar index itself reacted to the emergence of a military conflict in Ukraine.

Also, for example, you can open a chart of the Japanese yen against the dollar or the pound, all these events made investors have a negative attitude towards the yen, confidence has fallen sharply and the index of this currency has fallen sharply.

All these events hit the pockets and deposits of users who use the Grid or Martingale very hard, because. the market is not coming back.

The only question is whether your deposit will withstand such a load and how serious risks you used earlier.

Many will say that in such situations it is better to use position locking. But it’s the same as if you yourself manually closed such a position, it is always a failure.

Locking only increases your savings commissions and swaps and takes more and more money over time.

Therefore, We never tend to use Grids or Martingales (for me now they are the same thing)

That is why the Chill&Dream system never uses this kind of strategy.

The main goal is to obtain long-term and gradual profits. We are not in a hurry to become millionaires. This is a calm and night market where we can always relax and not worry about the deposit.

We always have a fixed SL and we follow the trend by changing only the TP level. All this allows you to effectively use the market conditions at night.

Also, we already have a built-in news filter, a huge spread filter, all this allows you to trade calmly, even in the current market conditions, when everything is so restless in the world.

To date, three currency pairs are available to us and these are three separate settings for each currency pair.

The risk parameter allows you to determine the maximum allowable drawdown. This is just additional protection, the market will never reach such values.

In fact, the drawdown is more than 3 times less than the risk level that we use.

Thus, the ratio of profit and loss is always very good, about 3 to 1. This is also evidenced by the high level of ProfitFactor when testing on real quotes and spreads.

In my experience, I always recommend using brokers with low spreads to have the most accurate positions

Write to me personally to get good advice in choosing a broker

Also, you do not need to use a low ping, because pending orders will already be on your broker’s server

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MARKET REVERSAL CATCHER – USER GUIDE – Trading Systems – 23 March 2022

Market Reversal Catcher - User Guide


Market Reversal Catcher indicator looks for market reversal points or major pullback. To do this, it analyzes previous price movements and using a flexible algorithm for estimating the probability of a reversal, also gives recommendations on entry points and sets recommended profit targets for positions opened on a signal.

Manual Updated: 2022-03-23

Product URL:

  • Version for MetaTrader 4 – here
  • Version for MetaTrader 5 – here

Current Version: 1.11

Currency Pairs: Any

Time Frame: Any

Advantages  Market Reversal Catcher

  • Works with any financial instrument, including forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices
    With the help, you can trade cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, indices, commodities and currencies with any broker with the MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 platform.

  • Simple, visual and effective trend reversal detection

Indicator does not require special knowledge in order to correctly identify the trading signals it gives.

  • Three-level profit fixation system

Recommends three profit targets when entering the market on a signal.

  • Flexible analytical calculation and assessment of movements in the markets

It has a simple and understandable algorithm for evaluating and issuing a trading signal.

  • Indicator never redraws, recalculates or completes signals

Indicator generates a signal based on statistical data that does not change. This means that its signals do not redraw, do not change values over time.

  • Fully visually customizable

The indicator does not have secret or special algorithms for searching for trading signals. His work is fully transparent!

In addition, the appearance of the indicator elements is easily customizable or can be hidden altogether if required.

How the Market Reversal indicator works?

In order to receive a trading signal, the indicator finds movements (not less than the value of the Volatility filter parameter) starting from the date specified in the indicator settings — Analysis start date. As a result, he gets a set of downward and upward trends.

Next, the indicator looks at which trend was the last one and, based on previous movements, calculates the probability of a price reversal:

Let’s take a look at the example above. Obviously, the current trend has more than doubled the Volatility value. At the last extremum (price – 0.74401), the indicator calculated a high probability of a reversal of 94%. This means that after the 1270 pips move, there is a high chance of a reversal. Which is what happens afterwards.

How to trade with Market Reversal Catcher?

Step 1. Installation and configuration.

Add the indicator to the chart and set the settings necessary to search for price rollback signals.

Step 2. Entering the market on the indicator’s signal.

Important! The indicator signal does not depend on the timeframe of the trading instrument!

I recommend watching signals on higher timeframes: H1 – H4. Signal example:

In order to find the entry point to the market, you need to go to the lower timeframe. Preferably M5.

Candle on which the uptrend ended has a price of 0.92686. This is the high of this candle. If the candle following it does not update the current maximum value, then at the opening of the next (third) candle, it is a sell signal.

As you can see in the picture above, the Stop Loss of the order is set according to the indicator’s recommendation, and the Take Profit is equal to TP1.

Rules for setting Take Profits and maintaining an open position:

  1. When the Take Profit1 price is reached, move the Stop Loss to the opening price of the order.
  2. When the Take Profit2 price is reached, move the Stop Loss to the Take Profit1 price.
  3. When the Take Profit3 price is reached, move the Stop Loss to the Take Profit2 price.

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MANUAL GUIDE FOR ADVANCED AI SCALPER – Trading Systems – 23 March 2022

To set up EA by the right way, you need do 3 step below

1. First Step:

You need ask a Customer Support to know how much GMT offset time at now. For example:

2. The second step

I received an answer that in summer the broker works at 3 GMT time. So i go to setting on my EA and change Set Manual Time GMT = 3

3. If you still don’t know how much your GMT. Please write me a message about which broker you have. Open the EURUSD m5 chart at any time and send me a screenshot so that I can see the time in the terminal and tell you

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Price Breakout Pattern Scanner and Smart Renko – Trading Systems – 22 March 2022

Price Breakout Pattern Scanner and Smart Renko

In the last post, we have shown you how to switch on and off many features in our Smart Renko.

Our Price breakout pattern scanner is very unique tool in the market because it have built in feature for Smart Renko inside. There is reason for that. Smart Renko is really helpful for any pattern detection in the separate window. So they will rainforce your trading decision. Imagine that in the candlestick chart, Price Breakout Pattern Scanner is automatically detecting the patterns for you. In the indicator window, you can also detect any other important patterns readily. If you can collect evidence for your trading from both candlestick chart and renko chart, you can make very powerful trading decision.

In this post, let us show how to switch on and off the smart Renko chart from your price breakout pattern Scanner. Before you are using Smart Renko feature enabled, you might download sufficient history in your chart first. Once you have done it, set Use “Smart Renko = true” from your indicator setting. See the screenshots for your better understanding. Some of our customer know that there is great way of trading with Price breakout pattern scanner and our Harmonic Pattern Plus (or Harmonic Pattern Scenario Planner) If  you are curious, you migh check our ebook. We have described the trading principle in details in this book:  Price Action and Pattern Trading Course.

Here are the links for the Price Breakout Pattern Scanner

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MT4 Pattern Scanner – Trading Systems – 22 March 2022

We are the specialized company developing Pattern Scanner. We do have range of advanced pattern scanner for your trading. If you are trader and if you need the advanced pattern scanner for your trading. Here is the list of tools for MetaTrader 4.

●  Advanced Price Pattern Scanner:: It is the automatic price pattern scanner. It is designed to scan the Triangle, Falling Wedge, Rising Wedge, Double Top, Double Bottom, Head and Shoulder, Reverse of Head and Shoulder, Cup and Handle or Cup with Handle, Reverse of Cup and Handle or Cup with Handle. What is even better? This is non-repainting and non-lagging indicator. Here is link for more information

●  Harmonic Pattern Plus:: One of the first automated Harmonic Pattern detection tool released in 2014. It can detect 11 most popular harmonic patterns with well-defined trading entries and stops. Pattern Completion Interval, Potential Reversal Zone and Potential Continuation Zone are supported. In addition, other dozens of powerful features are added like Japanese candlestick detection, etc.

● X3 Chart Pattern Scanner:: This is our next generation Price Pattern scanner. This is non-repainting and non-lagging Harmonic scanner. On top of that, this tool can detect Elliott Wave Pattern and X3 Patterns. It can detect over 20 profitable chart patterns. As a bonus, this tool can detect around 52 bearish and bullish Japanese candlestick patterns as  well as advanced automatic channels. This is the most advanced Harmonic and Elliott wave scanner in the market. You must try.

If you just want to have a guide on how to trade with profitable chart  patterns, then you can just read book: Profitable Chart Patterns in Forex and Stock Market. Book Links can be found from below:

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